December 8, 2022

Current Projects

BiHut Networks are currently in development of multiple things.
We have a test running for both earning tokens for chatting on Telegram and
also a test running based on the
Call of Duty: Warzone game.
Where you get rewarded tokens for every new kill you get in game!

BiHut Earning

Snappeh Bird Game

Projects We Recommend

Bad Days

Bad Days is a distributed application (DApp) that runs on the Ethereum network.
Bad Days origins from the animation series that went viral on YouTube with over 1 billion views!

Alien Worlds

Telegram group and a website NFT based game!

Taco Crypto

Native mobile app full of #WAX blockchain tools: transfer, swap tokens, track markets and use dApps. Collect TACO token and unlock new features! 🌮

Metal War

NFT based card game!

Dark Country

NFT based card game!

BJ Token

MEME with Benefits!