How To DU$T

How Do I Start ?

To help you start of with DU$Ting this paragraph will contain the step by step guide on how to get you started with your DU$T journey!
Step 1:
First thing you need to do is to create a wax wallet that supports Du$T. I recommend getting a WAX Cloud Wallet.

BiHut Telegram Crew

Magic DU$T (DU$T)

Nifty Wizards – Lobby

How Do I Earn?

You can earn DU$T and NFTs by chatting, buying them or joining groups and be parts of diffrent events or questing!

Nifty Wizard – RPG Game

(one of the first avaiable groups that belongs to the creator of DU$T, you can join the lobby and move on to other rooms to earn NFTs alog the way. Questing,  doing tasks and more fun RPG based abilities!)

Magic DU$T (DU$T)

(chatting and informational group to chat learn and earn DU$T)

BiHut Telegram Crew
(Gaming and other fun events, you can earn DU$T, NFTs and BiHut Network Tokens!)

Want your DU$T/NFT Telegram group here? send a message to Christian/@Snappeh in BiHut Network Crew

What Can I Do?

After earning DU$T and NFTs you can sell them or trade them with other people. To trade with other people or buy NFTs for dust you can just talk kindly with people within your group and they may have a sale or know someone who has one for you.

If you want to list your NFT on sale you should navigate yourself to the AtomicHub website and use your WAX Cloud Wallet as sign in option! When your there look around and try to learn the graphical layout of the website and read around and you will be able to manage your NFTs or even create your own!