NFT Drop Guide



The Guide will contain the following:

Step 1 (Setup)
Step 2 (Getting RAM)

Step 3 (Navigating to Drop Page)
Step 4 (Creation of the Drop)

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Step 1 (Setup):

The first thing we need to make sure is done is to have added atomicdropsx to be allowed to handle the mining of the NFTs that we are planning to drop.
This requires you to add atomicdropsx to be allowed to handle your collection that holds the NFTs that you want to create a drop with!

On AtomicHubs website we need to go to the collection and click Edit Collection and then press Show Advanced Details as shown with green dots in the picture above!

After that you will see this (picture above) where you need to press the yellow + sign down to the left and add atomicdropsx to that new line,
make sure that it’s spelled exactly like this otherwise we can come across some issues that we do not want. An example of how it looks can be viewed in the picture above with a green dot.

Then press Update Collection.

You can now move on to Step 2!


Step 2 (Getting RAM)

To be able to have the drop minted and to send out the NFTs you will need to send some WAX to the atomicdropsx account.
To do this we go to our favourite WAX wallet and send WAX to atomicdropsx.
We also need to make sure that we set the memo correctly so the wax gets sent to the right collections ram.
Here we write:


Depending on the size and amount of NFTs you are planning on dropping is the amount of WAX needed. If you’re planning on doing more drops in this specific collection I would recommend starting sending between 2-4 WAX. This should last you a while!
Example picture above where wallet to send to and memo is shown with green dots.

Make sure you send the WAX to atomicdropsx
And that you set the memo to deposit_collection_ram:collectionname
*Where collection name is the name of your collection!

Send the transaction and make sure it’s sent.
Now you can move on to Step 3!


Step 3 (Navigating to Drop Page)

Now you can navigate yourself to and login to your account.
After doing that you should search for atomicdropsx.

After that you should make sure that the account name is atomicdropsx then press </> Contract
then Actions and then Finally press the createdrop button as showed on the picture below with green dots.

You can now move on to Step 4!


Step 4 (Creation of the Drop!)

Now when we have made sure that the previous things are done we are ready to move on to create our amazing NFT Drop!
Below you will see the image of the createdrop page and below the image the fields and what to type will be explained.

Here you write your wax wallet / account name.

Here we write the collection name of which the NFT belongs to.

In this field we will need to write a special line. The line looks like this:
[ { "template_id": 12345, "tokens_to_back": [] } ]
Make sure there is no spaces at the beginning or at the end of the [ ] brackets and change template id number 12345 to your NFTs id number and WITHOUT #!



This is where we fill in what the price of the NFT Drop should be.

0 NULL = Free Drop
1.00000000 WAX = 1 WAX
100.0000 DUST = 100 DUST

After selecting one of those examples (and changing the price to your price point) you type that part in to listing_price and make sure if free 0 NULL and for WAX make sure that you have 8 numbers in total after the dot and for DUST make sure you have 4 numbers in total after the dot.

Here you will need to define the selected token or price that you selected in the previous field.

For a free drop you write 0,NULL
For a WAX drop you write 8,WAX
For DUST you write 4,DUST

Make sure that the numbers and text are correct and make sure you have a comma between the numbers and the letters and NO SPACE between them!

Here we want to enter the wallet address that should receive the tokens of the sale. If you want to make a NFT drop for someone else you can then let the tokens go to their account directly otherwise you just write your own wallet address in this field!

This field is not required for basic drops so we will ignore that in this guide.

In this field you select how many NFTs you want the Drop to have in total.
To have an unlimited drops write 0 otherwise write down the number of NFTs you want to be available in the drop!

In this field you can limit the number of NFTs one account can claim in your drop so if unlimited type 0 otherwise write the number of NFTs one account should be able to claim!

In this field you can select how often the NFT can be claimed by an account. If you don’t want a timer on the account  for the drop just write 0 otherwise write a number in seconds that you want the account to wait in between each drop claim/sale.

If you want your drop to start at a specific time and date you can go to This Website and get the epoch time that is a required to set a specific time and/or date. Copy the generated numbers that is made after filling in time, time zone and date on the site and paste this in to this field! If you want it to be live directly just write 0 and move to the next field.

If you want your drop to stop at a specific time and date you can go to This Website and get the epoch time that is a required to set a specific time and/or date. Copy the generated numbers that is made after filling in time, time zone and date on the site and paste this in to this field! If you don’t want a specific end time to your drop just write 0 and move to the next field.

in this field you can set basic information or a text that is referring towards your drop. Like: Insane NFT drop Limited Edition or My First Air Drop or something else that you fancy!

And now when you have done all these fields you can finally press the big beautiful > Submit Transaction < button.

Sign the transaction and now your Drop is created and LIVE!

To get the drop id directly you can press the transaction link that shows up after you successfully signed your transaction.
On this page you then navigate to the Traces tab and scroll down until you see dropid: The number that’s visible in this field is your drop id!

To get to the Drop page or link it to others you just use this url:
Or view the latest Drops Here (only "paid" drops are listed here).


Hopefully you made it trough this guide without any obstacles and have successfully made your first or multiple NFT Drops!

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